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"You Oughtta Be in Pictures" was the name of a song way back in my father's era. He chose it as the title of the puzzle book he began in the mid-seventies when it became clear that his collection of doodlings had become roughly book-sized.

It may have been my step-mom's idea to go public with what had become a kind of family tradition - each of us in turn trying our crabby hands at drawing sequences of pictures that the others would attempt to "read". The solutions to the hieroglyphs were always the names of celebrities - Anyway, the book was never commercially published. However, in 1999 my uncle Al printed a limited run of a "Family Edition" of "Ewe-Water-Bee-Hen-Pictures" with his trusty Xerox machine.

A year or so ago my father sent me a cardboard box containing these early drawings, the ones I've made public on this website.

At Christmas and birthdays my dad sends new hieroglyphs on little cards attached to the gifts. So there has been a trickle of new art that I intend to consolidate and - one day - publish.

As enthusiastic as I am about showing picto-nyms to the world, I must remain open to the idea that creating and solving these sorts of puzzles may be an acquired taste that nobody but my dad and I will ever acquire.

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