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You will notice that the puzzles on these web pages are sets of pictures. The solver is advised to identify each picture in turn, left to right, pronouncing whatever word it brings to mind -- out loud. When all the words on the line are pronounced, they will sound roughly like a name, and that name --lo! -- is the answer. All names belong to actual humans, living or dead. Some are pseudonyms, but none are fictitious.

The difference between these puzzles and ordinary rebuses is that these are confined to the use of pictures alone. No letters, numbers, or arithmetic signs are used to bring the solver closer to the right pronunciation. Most times the sounds you say will produce the name in dialect, most often approximating a thick East European accent. Hence thick East Europeans should have a special advantage.

The principle to remember when guessing words from pictures is that art work is supposed to be minimal. When a single object will suffice - no others are added. When the object shown does not lend itself to being pictured in a simple line drawing (if it's a neck, for example), enough is added to let the picture make sense, and an arrow will point to the part to be pronounced. When there are two of the same thing in a picture, the word should be pluralized. One way to go wrong is to choose an unnecessarily long form of the word, such as by adding --ing -- to a verb.

For the time being, no hints appear anywhere on the site. (webmasters note: I will try to find a nifty way to provide the author's own hints).

There are many other helpful things that might be said here, but you'll just have to be satisfied with only this: the idea is to have fun. My friends and family found much enjoyment thinking up these things for each other and guessing and groaning over the answers. If you find yourself struggling along with the first few, understanding not the first thing about the pictures, getting sore and frustrated because there are no hints and answers -- give it up. Pass the link along to someone you know, maybe someone you detest, and write off the investment.

Most of the puzzles on this site were done some years ago. There are newer ones, many with higher groaning potential, which may be added to this collection at some later date. So have fun, and don't get too mad.

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